Welcome to our new Books By RB Pahl website, featuring a want-to-know woman who has a somewhat checkered past. She's sexy, salty, fun, likes men, a bit of an airhead, and always imaginative.
One Editor wrote:

"[Deflowering Tracy Cunningham] was a fast read and I think the action/events are believable as they occur. The main character is sympathetic, even given her somewhat amoral behavior. Her intelligence and quirky sense of humor show through consistently. It's randy without being raunchy and has enough crime details to keep it interesting without turning it into a police procedural. The character's voice is clearly female ... nice skill from a male author. With that as a start, [the] series should do well."
Tracy's Rules for TV P.I.s
1. Do not thou go undercover, for thou will surely beeth uncovered.

2. If thou discoverth a body, surely thou willeth stupidethly picketh up the instrument of death.

3. If thou handleth the weapon of death, the lord high sheriff will discoverth thee.

4. In battle, even the best marksman in the world cannot hiteth the broadside of a castle.

5. In ye's trusty steed, thou will followeth a person "discreetly" while being in the steed immediately behind thy target.

6. When thou approacheth a suspect on foot, thou will always identify thyself to the subject from too fareth away, so he will runneth away quickly.

7. During a chase, if thou get closeth to the target, then at next POV, thou will have losteth all ground gained.

8. Even is she is fleeter of foot, a woman cannot runneth by herself. She must holdeth hands with the hero and be draggeth.

9. If thou beest a lord high sheriff, at least onceth a year, thy squad, division, office, whathevereth, will be under suspicion for being most evil.

10. At least onceth a year thou will be frameth for murder most foul.